Remi – Daily Anchor Morning Scalp Serum


Stronger, anchored hair bulbs mean resilient, healthy hair. Nurture and nourish the bulbs by day with this effective serum and watch your hair flourish with renewed strength and resilience

Suitable for all scalp and hair types.


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The bigger the boat, the bigger the anchor. Ensure your bulbs are big enough, that they stay within the scalp for as long as possible. Hair Care – can cosmetically make the hair look and appear better. But to make real change within the hair, you must start from the scalp. Building those anchors, will ensure your hairs strength like nothing else. Breakage in the hair? Strengthen from the scalp.


Why use Remi’s Daily Anchor: Morning Scalp Serum?

Stronger hair bulbs give more strength and resilience to your hair. But it’s a healthy scalp – where there is an abundant blood supply – that will protect and nourish your hair to give it that strength and resilience. Your hair’s health and beauty are totally reliant on your scalp’s health – not your hair! If you colour your hair, use heat or wear extensions – you need to be protecting and anchoring those precious bulbs, so your hair has the strength to work with all kinds of hair treatments. So, if you love to grow your hair or if your hair is fragile, then you and your hair will love a daily anchor!


Can be used on a damp or a dry scalp every morning. Gently stamp the scalp to increase blood flow. Dispense the serum evenly with the pipette, massaging it in for a revitalising experience. Work this into your daily skincare routine. Embrace the day with confidence.


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